Ten Facts You Might Not Know About Stamp Duty


After I graduated from college I had so many visions of myself. Plans had been going through my mind for the duration of the graduation ceremony. I was overly excited of the life ahead of me. I thought of a career, a family, a car, and a fortune! Ironically, it only took me less than a day to destroy everything when I took that meth on that fateful night.

 The celebration actually went on for three straight days. We used meth for three straight days. When the dust settled down, I rested for about 2 days. At that time, I was surprised about what I felt. I felt like I was empty again and I wanted to go out and party again. But that didn’t happen. Because of that, I felt sick. I was angry at people for no reason at all. My head hurt so much and I didn’t even want to eat. So I thought if I was going to use again, this will all go. So I did. And it felt good once again. And then the cycle went on for weeks. Then it went on for months. That was the time my parents went over to see me. They were so disappointed I never went home after grad. When they arrived I can still remember how devastated they were to see how I messed up. I had no money, did not eat for days, I almost died. That was the day I was made to realize I had an addiction. I had destroyed my life.

The next months of my life were the worst. I went home to my parents only to create chaos in our home. I despised my siblings. I stole from just about anyone. I hurt people. For months my family tried so hard to convince me to undergo rehab. I always reacted violently. Those moments simply destroyed me and my family. I wanted to kill myself a few times but I was too much of a coward to do it.

One day my mom, who seldom talks and is so soft spoken, came to me without my dad and siblings. I was dying at that time. I had no money and I would swim the pacific if someone would hand me meth. I was at the most desperate period of my addiction. Mom came up to me and without saying a word, squeezed in a handful of cash into my hands. I looked at her and tears went down her face. She never said a single word and I couldn’t either.

That was it. It was like someone poured freezing water into me while asleep. I woke up. I definitely woke up. That was the time I made a decision, I’ll fight this addiction. And I will win.  I talked to my family and asked them to help me. It was quite an emotional dinner. Every one cried and hugged me. I thought everybody hated me. I thought everyone wanted me gone.

Months passed and I completed my rehab. It wasn’t an easy process, but I definitely made it. After I went out, I still did not have the trust for myself. But my loved ones helped me. My family was strict towards me but that did not bother me. In fact, I loved it. My new friends helped me with activities and community work.  Months passed again and I started to build my career. I finished a computer science degree and I started a job at a software firm. Today, after years of being clean and sober, with the help of my family, I have now a successful life. I run my own software company and my family has never been so happy.

Addiction to meth has taught me a lot of things. It taught me that with a single try, everything can be upside down. It taught me the value of my family. My recovery wasn’t easy but the rehab truly made me recover. One thing is for sure though; you need to recognize what’s happening to you for you to turn things around. Taking that meth made everything blurry, but the tears of my mom gave me a set  of eyeglasses  to see from afar.