Everything's Blurry

Ten Facts You Might Not Know About Stamp Duty


It was graduation day and at long last, it was the last day of my 7 years in college. I felt like 200 pounds of weight is off my back that’s been bothering me for 7 years. I still can’t forget the feeling. Never. During that graduation night I invited a couple of friends over for a party. I had a rented apartment with no housemates. My parents are miles away. We drank, we danced, we partied.

College had been the toughest part of my life at that moment. I knew I was a smart guy, but I just had no clear plan. I went to take on the wrong course twice. I failed a lot of times. My family wasn’t very proud of me they almost forgot they have a son. But I was a good son, a good person. My friends love me and people like to be around me. But I was sad, very sad. I always thought I wasn’t doing enough. I always felt empty and unaccomplished. After all, my friends and classmates are way younger than me.

During that fateful graduation night, I felt different. It was so different it felt weird. But it was good. I felt like I mattered. Dad called me up telling me how proud he was of me. My friends keep telling me I am the smartest of them all. Best of all, I now have a degree! It was just amazing. I looked at myself in the mirror and I said, now you’re talking!

Just right after 2am that night a friend approached me privately. He handed me something and said it was a gift. That guy was a close friend. I helped him a lot financially for so many times. His family is one of the less fortunate ones. The gift he handed over was actually meth, and at that time, I had no idea. I even thought it was a prank. When it got serious I hesitated. But they insisted and told me it was okay. So I did take it.

Even up to now, that feeling was still the nicest feeling I have ever felt my whole life. It was like I was floating and weight less. I felt like I was above everyone else there and I can only feel myself and no one else. It was ecstatic. It was surreal. When I took it, I saw the best of me, the person I’d always wanted to be me. It was all me. Everything was blurry.